Dynatone Digital Piano

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2016년 10월 10일 월요일

Dynatone Deluxe Piano Style: SDP-600

Deluxe Digital piano Style SDP-600 employs a soundboard to support its speaker system so that it sounds most optimized when played. 

Black polished cabinet with mahogany accent make up a elegant design. For those who want a grand piano but without the required space to host one such monster, the SDP-600 would be a valuable choice.



 88 Real Hammer Action wooden keyboards with 3 sensors (RHA-3W)  
• 256 Polyphony Notes   
• ROS V.5 Plus
• EXV 10 + GM128 Voices
• Record : 1 Track 1 Song
• HD Reverb
• Layer   • Split    • Twin Piano  • Master Tune  • Key Transpose
• 3 Pedals (Soft/ Sostenuto/ Damper) with half-damper
• Power Output : 50W+50W (2-Way 4 Speakers)

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