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2016년 9월 26일 월요일

Dynatone Digital Piano SLP-150

The SLP-150 is the entry level product of the Slim Piano Series offered by Dynatone, whose aim is to keep the price minimum and its size compact without losing the essentials. It has a good sound and play-ability and the weighted keys, despite being a "cheap" model, have a great feel and do not feel cheap at all. The model also offers a lot of connection options for its price, including its USB compatibility. The SLP-150 offers 14 high quality voices with its Stereo Sound Sample. Overall, this model is designed to stay competitive (most "cost-efficient") in its own price range by keeping itself affordable both in price tag and size, easy to use while not losing its essential qualities.



  • 88 full size weighted keys
  • 14 instrument voices, 1 drum kit, 1 sound effect
  • 64 Polyphony
  • Layer, Split, Twin Piano
  • LED multi function display
  • Stylish Slim line cabinet
  • Record, reverb, effect controls
  • 2 Track recorder (18,000 notes)
  • 50 demo songs
  • USB In, Stereo Line In/Out
  • Colors: Rosewood, Black, White

2016년 9월 8일 목요일

Dynatone's polished piano

Dynatone's polished piano series imbued with the beauty and classy look of finely crafted cabinet.

The natural wooden keyboard (RHA-3W) with authentic piano key response and the refined voice thrived from European quality pianos boast more than their fine craftsmanship itself and are the result of endless determination to satisfy users.


Soft-closing system of VGP-4000




2016년 9월 1일 목요일

Dynatone Keyboard: ARHA-3I

The culmination of Dynatone's technology and extensive experience in piano key development stemming from its R&D team, the ARHA-3I keyboard was designed with pianists of all skill levels in mind. With the ARHA-3I keyboard that simulates the touch of grand piano keys, one is set to let oneself lose in the pleasure of playing - without realizing that it's a digital piano keyboard.

Ivory-Topped Keys (Artificial Ivory Touch)
Decades ago, ivory keys, with its elegant feeling and soft touch, used to be on top-tier digital pianos, and was the preferred choice of keyboard by many pianists. Though the usage of real ivory is strictly banned now, Dynatone's ARHA-3I brings the feeling of ivory keys back to life with its artificial ivory topped keys, which have softer surfaces and whose high absorption prevents fingers from sliding even when playing for extended periods.

Graded Key Hammer Action
The hammer action system of ARHA-3I are based on the weights of hammers in real grand pianos, which allows more delicate control of the keys. Also, the action is 'graded', meaning that the lower keys are weighed heavier than the higher keys which is how actual piano keys are made.

Triple Sensor System
Invented based on Dynatone's core technology, the triple sensor system is very elaborate by design. Each key has three sensors beneath it to detect its movement in minute resolution so that the pianist may exercise delicate controls over the keys without losing out quickly repeated notes.